A Talent For Murder - Diner Theater Fundraising Event!

ONE NIGHT ONLY - Mon. April 9th, 2018

Tickets MUST be ordered by Mon. April 2nd!

About the Show:  Join Children's Castle Theater for a crime-solving, dinner-eating, theater-watching, fundraising event! This event is open to all ages - but remember, a theater production (with a murder) will occur during the dinner. The murder occurs in a non-violent way but parents may want to prepare children for this portion of the production so they are not caught off guard.


Event Synopsis: When you enter the event, you will become an audience member at a talent contest (no, you do not need to prepare a talent). The talent contest (aka theater production) will occur in a casual environment over the course of a buffet style dinner. The contest is for three semifinalists in a citywide talent search. The winner will receive a chance to audition for a major Broadway production. The talent is varied and exciting, as is the atmosphere. The three semifinalists were chosen during earlier competition, and all REALLY want the prize.  However, in the course of the evening, a shadowy guest may also make an appearance: the shadow of death.  It will be up to the contest security officer, with the help of the audience, to put together the mystery and expose the murderer.

Location: Old Chicago (Apple Valley) - 14998 Glazier Ave. Apple Valley, MN, 55124