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Billy Elliot - The Musical

Performs Oct 14th - 23rd 2016

About the Show: Featuring 10 Tony award nominations and music by Elton John, Billy Elliot is a dance and music masterpiece. Set against the background of the 1984 England miners strike, this story follows the character of 10-year-old Billy as he discovers his passion for dance and battles against all odds to make his dream of auditioning for the Royal Ballet School a reality. This touching production is rated PG13 (for some adult themes and language) and is most enjoyed by audiences ages 10 and up.


Performances held at the Lakeville Area Arts Center. Show runs approximately 2.75 hrs with a 15min intermission.

This activity is funded, in part, by an appropriation from the Minnesota State Legislature with money from the State’s general fund.

Additional Information: 

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Since announcing Children's Castle Theater's (CCT's) upcoming production of Billy Elliot I have been approached with many questions. 


"What IS Billy Elliot?" -  "Aren't you a CHILDREN'S theater?"  And most often, simply; "WHY Billy Elliot"? 


I want to take a moment to answer those questions;


1.) What IS Billy Elliot? - To put it plainly (and be a bit brash); Billy Elliot is the story of a straight (10yr old) boy who falls in love with ballet, finds he has a  knack for it, discovers his best friend is gay, has a dead mum, a conservative dad and who moves a town of adults - separated by strike - to cross picket lines in order to make his dream of auditioning for the Royale Ballet School a reality.

2.) Aren't you a CHILDREN'S Theater? - Yes. CCT is a youth focused, inter-generational 501(c)(3) theater organization with a mission of Education, Experience and Entertainment.

3.) WHY Billy Elliot? - Billy Elliot s a story that needs to be told. It's a story that needs to be told in suburban and farming communities as well as in urban areas. It's a story that needs to be told to youth and preteens as well as adults.

To me, the story of Billy Elliot is about more than dance, music and acting. It's about more than Tony award nominations and music by Elton John. Billy Elliot is, in some ways, today's Charlotte's Web for preteen children in that it shines a spotlight on seldom discussed themes that surround us every day. 

It's easy for us, as adults, to think; I understand those themes, I address those themes. But, do we address them with our children? Do our kids understand it's ok for them to think about and ask about these themes? Every day the youth of our community (yes, our community) face judgement about what colors they can wear, what toys they can play with, what subjects they can excel at. They have friends who have lost parents to accident and disease. They notice girls liking boys, boys liking girls, girls liking girls and boys liking boys.

So why did CCT, a youth-centric theater, choose Billy Elliot as its fall production? 

In addition to the production pushing actors to challenge themselves in singing, acting and dance, the production also serves as a judgement-free means for youth and adults to experience and contemplate what it means to live in today's society. Billy Elliot is a production that can encourage youth to pursue their passions and talents - even if they don't align with typical gender stereotypes. It can teach kids that straight and gay teens of the same sex can be friends in the same way straight kids of the opposite sex can be friends. It can show kids with a parent who has passed that it's ok to remember and ok to let go. And it can cause us to realize what is possible if we place faith in both ourselves and in each other to discover our strengths, create friendships and unite as a community to create a better place to live. 


- Not to mention, it's also a great show!


Kayla Yaeger

Executive Director

Children's Castle Theater