Theatre for All

Children's Castle Theater's mission is to make a positive difference in the lives of local youth by providing theater arts opportunities that educate, entertain and create lasting experiences.


Since the first play CCT presented, education has remained a core value at the heart of the organization. As a CCT cast member, actors are

given the opportunity to learn about theater through participating hands-on in a theatrical production. Over the years, CCT has watched as cast members improved their creative talents and increased their intellectual abilities. As a cast member, actors must pay close attention at rehearsal, often sharpening their reading, listening, memorization, public speaking, and small group skills.


At CCT we believe a fulfilling life is not only

about the choices you make, but the  

experiences you have. As an organization

created for education, and not for profit, CCT is dedicated to providing all actors with an experience they will take with them for many years to come. Not only do cast members live out art on the stage, but they also experience the art of forming new friends and creating rare bonds. The experience stems further as casts are given the opportunity to participate in set/prop construction when possible.


This portion of the CCT mission could almost be classified under two sub-titles; cast member entertainment and audience entertainment.

With each production, CCT cast members find a plethora of new and exciting entertainment possibilities as they step outside their shoes and into an imaginary characters. Perhaps even better than the thrill of receiving a fresh printed script on the first night of rehearsal is the rush actors feel as they take the stage. Nothing is quite like providing an unforgettable night of entertainment for your family and friends!