Matilda the Musical

January 2 - 17, 2021

Matilda returns in January 2021 after its performances were cut short due to COVID-19 restrictions last March. With quick, circus-style music, snappy choreography and a touch of dark humor, Matilda resonates with both youth and adults. 


Matilda is an elementary-aged, bookworm with a TV-worshiping dad and self-obsessed mum. Her home-life leads her to the local library where she escapes in the pages of classic books and recites stories of acrobatic performers. When Matilda starts school, she finds herself enrolled under the evil Headmistress (Miss Trunchbull) who believes children should rarely be seen, let alone heard. When Miss Trunchbull's backwards teaching tactics go too far, it's up to Matilda to save the day.


Matilda is rated PG and runs approx. 2.5 hours with a 15 min. intermission. (Production contains some adult references.) Performances will be held at the Lakeville Area Arts Center (20965 Holyoke Ave. Lakeville 55044). 

Tickets Available August 2020

The majority of actors cast in the 2020 production of Matilda the Musical will be returning in 2021 to reprise their roles. Should auditions open for certain roles, we will post information here.

Disney's Moana JR

March 12 - 27, 2021

Disney's Moana JR is the perfect introduction to high quality theater for young audiences while keeping Disney connoisseurs of all ages entertained.


Filled with ancient Polynesian traditions and mythology, Disney's Moana JR is an uplifting, coming-of-age story that centers around an island dwelling community who no longer venture to the sea - until Moana is tasked by her grandmother to return a stone (known as the Heart of the Te Fiti) back to its rightful home. Moana teams up with Maui (a Polynesian demi-god and trickster) and the spirit of the ocean, to keep evil at bay by venturing across the sea. 


Disney's Moana JR features a large cast of actors, larger-than-life puppetry and the illusion of a self-gliding canoe which brings this wayfinding adventure to life. This production is rated G and runs approx. 1.5 hours with a 15 min. intermission. Performances held at the Lakeville Area Arts Center (20965 Holyoke Ave. Lakeville, 55044).

Tickets Available August 2020

Disney's Moana JR - Audition Information

IMPORTANT: Due to licensing restrictions, actors must be age 5-18 (at the time of their audition) in order to participate in this production. Disney Licensing is allowing adults to audition for some of its JR productions but Moana JR is not currently one of them. If anything should change, we will update this message as well as the casting information below. We appreciate your understanding! Actors over age 19+ (who have previously performed with CCT) are encouraged to help with the production in other ways. Please email for info. 


Disney's Moana JR will feature a large cast of 100+ actors age 5-18. Actors may audition regardless of experience level. Part-Time roles will be available for those actors who seek a less strenuous rehearsal and performance schedule. Auditions are expected to be held in December 2020. Please review the information below prior to auditioning to learn which roles you may be considered for. If you are new to CCT, please scroll to the bottom of the page for general CCT audition information.

Disney's Moana JR Casting Information

MOANA - (Female, approx. age 14-16.) The vibrant, tenacious and optimistic daughter of Chief Tui. Drawn to the water, Moana is asked with returning the Heart of Te Fiti to its rightful home.

CHIEF TUI - (Male, approx. age 16-18.) Moana's father and proud leader of Motununi (the island where the show takes place.) Respected ruler who prioritizes the safety of his people and family. 

SINA - (Female, approx. age 16-18.) Moana's mother. Supportive and compassionate with Moana. Mature and respected leader with the people of Motunui.

GRAMMA TALA - (Female, approx. age 16-18.) Moana's grandmother. The village storyteller who is a bit eccentric.

PUA - (Male or Female, approx. age 8-14.) Moana's fiercely loyal friend

HEI HEI - (Male or Female, approx. age 8-14.) Moana's loyal but timid friend.

MAUI - (Male, approx. age 16-18.) A demi-god and master wayfinder with an abundance of charism. Helps Moana return the Heart of Te Fiti to its rightful home.

TAMATOA - (Male or Female, approx. age 14-18.) The vicious and egotistical crab who lives in Lalotai, the Realm of Monsters.

TE FITI - (Female, approx. age 14-18.) True owner of the Heart of Te Fiti.

CHEIF ANCESTORS - (Male and Female, approx. age 14-18, younger actors may also be considered.) Ancient leaders of Motununi. Guide Moana on her journey and assist in narrating the story.

VILLAGERS OF MOTUNUNI - (Male and Female, approx. age 5-18.) Island dwellers who no longer journey to the see.

OCEAN ENSEMBLE - (Male and Female, approx. age 10-18). Embodiment of the ocean which assists Moana throughout her journey. These roles will be filled by experienced actors who are strong singers and/or dancers.  


MAUI ENSEMBLE - (Male and Female, approx. age 5-10.) Maui's magical ensemble who help introduce him to Moana.

SHINY ENSEMBLE - (Male and Female, approx. age 8-12.) Various sea-creatures who support Tamatoa (the giant crab).

GATE MONSTERS - (Male and Female, approx. age TBA.) Vicious guards. These roles will most likely be double cast with actors who have other roles in the production.

Summer Musical

July - August, 2021

Due to licensing restrictions, CCT is unable to advertise its summer production prior to January 2021. Please find general audition information below and check back in January for details. 

Tickets Available Spring 2021

CCT's Summer Musical will feature a large cast of 100+ actors age 5-Adult. Actors may audition regardless of experience level. Part-Time roles will be available for those actors who seek a less strenuous rehearsal and performance schedule. Auditions are expected to be held in May 2021. If you are new to CCT, scroll down for general CCT audition informaton.

Casting Information coming January 2021

CCT Audition and Rehearsal Expectations

What to Expect from (and prepare for) Auditions:  The CCT audition process for all intergenerational shows is simple, quick and fun. Be sure to bring a pen or pencil as well as a list of any conflicts you may have with the rehearsal dates. Auditions operate on a first-come, first-serve basis, so if you don't want to watch a lot of other people audition prior to your turn, you'll want to arrive early. Usually 15-20mins will be enough time, but it all depends on the number of actors auditioning. 

For the acting portion of the audition, each actor will be asked to count from one to ten, pretending to be different characters. The difficulty of the characters will be based on the age and experience level of the person auditioning. This audition will be done in the theater in front of other actors who are waiting their turn. (Example: "Please count from one to ten. At one, pretend to be a mouse. At ten, pretend to be a lion.)

(Musical Productions ONLY) For the singing portion of the audition each actor will be asked to sing a portion of a song. You can sing any song you like! We do recommend picking a song that will help showcase any singing talents you have (range, belt, humorous talents, pretty voice). Songs from musicals are always a good choice. Most music directors prefer for you to sing a song that is not from the production you are auditioning for. If you can't come up with any ideas, we usually recommend singing your favorite song, but you can always sing Happy Birthday or the ABCs. This audition is usually done in a separate space in front of a small group of actors who are waiting their turn.


Once your audition is complete you are free to leave or to stay in the theater and watch the remainder of the auditions. The cast list will be post on the CCT website the weekend after auditions.

What to Expect from the Production:  This production is considered part of CCT's intergenerational division. These productions involve large casts of actors (usually 100 to 150) who each perform separate parts of the show. (The only time all of the actors will appear on stage at the same time is during curtain call.) These productions combine experienced actors (sometimes with professional performance experience) with those who may be experiencing theater for the first time - creating a fun learning experience and a quality production for audience members.

Actors must spend time at home memorizing their lines (and music, when applicable). The actual music instruction (when applicable) and blocking will be taught at rehearsals. In addition to working on memorization at home, actors will need to spend time rehearsing their dance choreography (when applicable).