Matilda Audition Registration

Please fill out the form below to register. Remember, you must be age 7 or older to be cast in this production. 




Be sure to read all information on the audition page (the page you used to link here) so you know what to expect from auditions.


Although registration is not required, it will hold your audition spot. Actors who do not register will NOT be guaranteed a spot to audition. If you choose to cancel your audition at any time, please email to inform us.

Auditions operate on a first-come, first-served basis. Actors are invited to arrive as early as 6:00pm and are asked to arrive no later than 6:30pm. If you MUST arrive at a later time, please email with your full name and the date and time you plan to arrive.

If you receive an error message after registering please email to confirm your registration. (There is currently a site error showing, however it appears registrations ARE going through.

MATILDA Audition Registration
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