Disney's Beauty and the Beast

July - August 2021 (dates TBA)


Tickets Available Spring 2021

Casting Information

Disney's Beauty and the Beast will feature a large cast of 100+ actors age 5-adult. Actors may audition regardless of experience level. Please review the information below prior to auditioning to learn which roles you may be considered for. 

BELLE - (Female, approx. age 16-18.) 

MAURICE - (Male, approx. age 40+.) Moana's father and proud leader of Motununi (the island where the show takes place.) Respected ruler who prioritizes the safety of his people and family. 

GASTON - (Male, approx. age 16-20.) Moana's mother. Supportive and compassionate with Moana. Mature and respected leader with the people of Motunui.

LE FOU - (Male, approx. age 14-18.) Moana's grandmother

MONSIEUR D'ARQUE - (Male, approx. age 30+.)

BEAST - (Male, approx. age 16-20.)

COGSWORTH - (usually Male, approx. age 16+.)

LUMIERE - (usually Male, approx. age 16+.)

MRS. POTTS - (Female, approx. age 40+.)

CHIP - (usually Male, approx. age 7-10.)

BABETTE - (Female, approx. age 16+.) 

MADAME DE LA GRAND BOUCHE - (Female, approx. age 18+.)

VILLAGE ENSEMBLE - (Male and Female, approx. age 10-18). 


ENCHANTED ITEMS ENSEMBLE - (Male and Female, approx. age 9-adult.) 

ENCHANTED TEA-CUP ENSEMBLE - (Male and Female, approx. age 5-8.)

WOLVES - (Male and Female, approx. age 12+.)